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How To Choose Your Property Types In Bali

When it comes to property investment and property types in Bali, the possibilities are endless. Depending on your wants and your budget, you could invest in a beautiful luxury villa, a hotel, an office building, a house, a guesthouse (also known as homestay), commercial property, or even some land.

Unless you’re looking to establish a business here in Bali, most foreigners simply invest in a villa or even a piece of land, which is a wonderful and smart way to double or triple your money in the future.

Let’s take a look at all of the different property types available in Bali that you can invest in today:


A villa is the ultimate dream accommodation here in Bali as most of them are beautifully designed to embrace tropical indoor-outdoor living and would come complete with a pool, a garden, a living and dining area, and bedrooms with ensuites. Villas are also the most in-demand property when it comes to holiday rentals in Bali. There are many types of villas available on the island; from modern and contemporary to traditional and quaint. It all depends on your preference and taste!

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There are many new, chic and stylish apartments available now in Bali which are mostly studio apartments or 1-bedroom apartments. It would be rare to find apartments with multiple bedrooms and a separate living and dining area like in the big cities but they are efficient, well-equipped, and convenient with stylish interiors and décor. The only difference would be a shared pool and no garden or a shared garden.


There are guesthouses everywhere you look in Bali, which is similar to motels in western countries. These days, the guesthouses, also known as homestays, are beautifully designed. They are modern, sleek, and clean, fully equipped with WIFI, a flat-screen TV, AC, hot and cold water, a kitchenette or a shared kitchen, and even a pool. Guesthouses are great if you want comfort on a budget!

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Commercial Properties

If you’re thinking of starting a business here in Bali, there are options for you to rent commercial properties here for sure. You can rent an office building, a restaurant, and even a beach club if you so wish! Many foreigners have started their own retreat and yoga centers in the outskirts of the urban areas if that is something that you would want to consider.


This is one of the safest investments that you could make here in Bali, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. You could just purchase the land and park it for the future. Land value throughout the island has been growing exponentially since tourism hit and has never really stopped. Prices have dipped during the pandemic, making it the perfect excuse to buy the prime land that you want!

Additionally, a piece of land is pretty much low maintenance; you won’t need to pay utility bills, there are no mortgage payments or insurance and taxes would be minimal. After purchase, you can pretty much leave it alone and know that it would most likely remain in one piece.

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Now that you know of all the property types available to you here in Bali, the next step would be to decide on the location, land/building size, budget and then take it to the next step which would involve property laws and property ownership. You can easily do this by searching for Bali properties on our site – and contacting the owners directly!

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