How to sell your property without an agent

How To Sell Without An Agent?

You have decided to sell or rent your house without an agent so you can save the commission which is typically 5% -10% here in Bali, depending whether it is a sale or a yearly or monthly rental. If your property is going to sell for USD 500.000, you are saving around USD 25.000 in commission. That’s a handful chunk of money. The larger a transaction, the more complicated it gets, usually. Therefore, we are offering you our affordable  coaching services, so you have a professional at your side to make the right decisions.

Obviously, the lack of an intermediary makes the process of negotiating more tricky, as you can’t hide behind the estate agent. So be careful when making statements, think twice and better say: “let me take that home and think about it” before you make a hasty statement that you will have difficulties withdrawing later.

The most important thing you can do is give the buyer confidence. This is where you have a massive advantage selling your own home because you know it inside out and can share personal stories about why you like it and what’s amazing about it.

Invite the buyer to come back for a second inspection at dawn to witness the sunset or the spectacular lighting of your garden and villa. Demonstrate the buyer the spectacular sound system you have installed and play his favourite music.

Above all, be transparent, be honest, be fair and don’t hide any defects or faults, because every house has them and by not mentioning them, you become suspicious. Its’ best to tackle any ‘problem areas’ head on. Say that you had a leaking roof and how you fixed it and didn’t have any problems since. Be transparent about the age of your equipment, air conditioners and pumps and when they will need to be replaced. Offer to do that at your cost, if you sense this might be an issue.

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