How Does It Work?

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Simply create an account, upload your property quickly and efficiently - all you need are a few images, your price, contact details and a property description.


Connect directly with potential buyers and renters through the website - make real connections, with real people and cut out the middle man.

Be Your
Own Agent

Manage your property listing, view a dashboard and see how your listing is performing and how often your ad has been viewed and how many people have contacted you.

What's the Catch?

There is no catch. Bali Property Direct connects people and cuts out the red tape between buyers and sellers. Instead of paying a commission, you only pay a small fee to advertise your property on the website. Fees start from IDR 300.000 per month up to IDR 1.650.000 for six months. For now, we offer free listings for our monthly package!

What can you expect?
  • A simple property listing experience.
  • Direct contact with potential buyers or renters.
  • You can publish up to 24 photos
  • You can upload a video link
  • You can get assistance from our experts
  • You can access stats of your ads performance

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  • Hasselfree & quick
  • Achieve the highest price
  • meet the buyer directly
  • save costs
list your property now!

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I want to rent my property...

  • achieve the highest price
  • Meet the tenant directly
  • save commission
list your property now!

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Bali Property Direct is here to Connect People. ”Direct” means No Agents and No Commissions.

How Do You
Get Started?

Simply create an account and list your property in just minutes. It’s free!

Bali Property Direct - Sanur Beach Sunrise

What our
clients say

I am so glad that Bali Property Direct offers such an easy way to search and find rental villas in Bali. I am tired of go to all these Facebook pages and browse endlessly to search for the right home. Thanks to Bali Property Direct, this can now be done with a few clicks.
Susan T.
What a great idea to connect owners and buyers directly! This was long overdue. Continue the good work.
Alan P.
Bali Property Direct is a true innovation long overdue for the Bali property market.
Joanne P.
Great new property platform. So easy to use and creating market transparency where there was a jungle before. Congratulations!
Hugo S.
I like the idea of this new direct property platform and wish you all the best
Caspar V. B.

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