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Not Sure Where To Live in Bali? Here Are Some of The Best Places To Live

Retiring in Bali is a fantastic decision. Bali is warm all year round, affordable, safe and beautiful. You can live in luxury for a fraction of the cost of what you’ll need when you retire in Europe or any other developed country, plus, you’ll have everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay.
So if you’re planning your retirement and are looking at all of the places you’d want to live in here in Bali, take a look at our list of all of the wonderful places that you’d want to consider!

Seminyak / Petitenget / Umalas

Considered the most fashionable, glitzy and glamorous locations in Bali, Seminyak and the surrounding neighbourhoods of Umalas and Petitenget are the most “prime” locations in Bali. You’ll find everything you need for luxurious, upscale island living. There are gorgeous villas everywhere, in all shapes and sizes tucked in quiet lanes with their own gardens and private pools. These lavish tropical abodes are minutes away from the very best restaurants, beach clubs, spas, cafes, shopping and Seminyak Beach.

Kuta & Legian

There is a sense of nostalgia to these bustling towns of Kuta and Legian, and while they’re often crowded with tourists and thrill-seekers enjoying the beach and living the high life at the countless restaurants, bars, spas and shops, there are also beautiful and quiet little gems, classic Balinese style villas here that would be perfect to call home. Cosy and unique, with lush gardens filled with towering trees and creeping ivy, these wonderful locations provide the perfect backdrop to long and lazy relaxing days in the balmy island breeze.

sanur beach


Sanur is a beautiful coastal town with a long and proud history. It is peaceful and picturesque, filled with Bali’s biggest names in shopping and dining. There are no shortages of things to do or shopping and dining outlets in Sanur. The only difference is that it is less crowded than Seminyak and Kuta and those living here appreciate the quiet, laid-back yet luxurious ambience of their beloved seaside town and intend to keep it that way. The beaches here are perfect for sunrise sessions with a boardwalk connecting these expansive golden sands together. The waters here are calm, clear and shallow, perfect for little children!


Although renowned the world over as Bali’s stylish, boho-chic, surfer town that’s overrun with digital nomads, Canggu has a wonderful mix of residents, both young and the young at heart. The overall vibe is trendy, hip and edgy, but Canggu still has plenty of stunning villas for sale or for rent that come with gorgeous ricefield views, away from the crowd and the noise. This alone is a huge selling point for many who love to wake up to this breathtaking sight. Canggu also has a wonderfully exciting dining scene with cafes offering fresh, healthy and organic food and drinks!

ubud bali


Bali’s cultural, spiritual and creative centre, Ubud attracts healers, yogis, artists and those seeking a holistic, peaceful way of life. Those who call Ubud their home have testified to its special “healing” vibrations. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderfully lush, green place to call home. You’ll be surrounded by fresh air, ricefields and waving palms. During harvest season, you can enjoy leisurely walks and watch the ducks play in the streams or in the ricefields. You can also visit the art museums, art galleries, arts and crafts and textile centres. There are beautiful villas and houses here too, many of them with distinctly authentic Balinese designs and interiors.

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