6 Reasons To Buy Real Estate in Bali

6 Reasons To Buy Real Estate in Bali

Is it a good time to invest in property in Bali?

Before the pandemic, anyone with the strategic foresight and the financial means wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in any land or property on the island.

But then, the pandemic happened. There are no more tourists, and what about return on investments?

Look at the bright side: Land and property will always be in demand, especially on such a popular tourist island like Bali. Secondly, prices have been slashed to almost half. Thirdly, you’ll be able to take your time now and choose your preferred location, type of property and find one that suits your budget.

If it was unbearably competitive before, now it’s the buyer’s market. Our advice is to take advantage of it as much as you can because, without a doubt, real estate and property in Bali is set to bounce back, better than ever!

Let’s take a look at the 6 reasons to buy real estate in Bali now.

1. Guaranteed ROIs

This is the most important and obvious reason. There is still high demand for villas and other types of property rentals from domestic tourists, albeit at lower prices. Once the borders open, there will definitely be an influx of foreign tourists and the prices will increase to pre-pandemic levels. Tourism in Bali might also change towards becoming more sustainable with long-term visitors, instead of mass tourism with holiday makers seeking cheap and fast rentals. Now is the best time for you to buy real estate to enjoy good ROIs.

2. Buyers’ Market

Before the pandemic, land and property in Bali were some of the most expensive in the region. Now prices have halved, allowing those who have always wanted to own property in Bali to go ahead and act on their dream to invest. Prices have never been this low – in fact, they were steadily rising since the beginning of the tourist boom in the 70s.

3. Foreigner-Friendly Property Laws

Foreigner-Friendly Property Laws

You will have the option to navigate Bali’s property laws all on your own or hire an expert to help you. Either way, as long as you have all proper documentation at hand and all requirements fulfilled, you should be able to easily complete all requirements regarding property laws and regulations within a reasonable time frame to buy real estate.

4. Affordability

It is generally quite affordable to keep and maintain a property in Bali, especially when compared to countries in Europe. You could live like royalty in the villa of your dreams while supporting the local economy by hiring talented and efficient, friendly workers.

5. Great Weather

Great Weather in Bali

Bali enjoys great weather all year round! Even during the rainy season, you can expect clear blue skies and hot days. There are risks like flash floods during heavy rains but then again, there are risks everywhere in the world.

6. Long-Term Profits

Imagine what you could do with the property, land, or villa that you now own here in Bali! A holiday home for 6 months out of the year? Perhaps a holiday rental for when you’re out of the country? You could even sell it in the future for a considerable sum of money! The possibilities are endless!

We hope the above was helpful! If you’re looking to buy real estate or sell property without agents here in Bali, you can always refer to Bali Property Direct, we are an innovative online property platform that connects buyers and sellers directly with each other. No agents are involved and therefore no commissions are due.

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