Should I insure my property

About My Property: Should I Insure My Property?

Should I insure my property? The short answer is ‘yes’ because it’s a protection from financial loss and it’s easily available in Indonesia and provided by local and international companies like Allianz, AXA, MSIG, and so on [link to advertisers]. The policies are standard in Indonesia and so are the premia. Typically, property insurance covers risks like fire, lightning, wind, hail, earthquake & tsunami, volcanic eruption, theft, personal injury, and third-party liability.

If you’re renting out your property you may want to get specific commercial insurance for unexpected damages that can cover furniture, appliances, or other items or even coverage of legal costs and loss of income, and more.

Perhaps more important than the name of the insurance provider is the quality of the agent with whom you are dealing. Does he answer your questions? Does he listen to your needs? How long has he been in business? What other clients does he have? If you get positives for these sorts of questions then you’re on the right track.

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