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The Best Places To Retire in Bali

Bali is a wonderful place to retire. There is the obvious reason that it is a beautiful tropical paradise with warm weather all year round, but it also has many other amazing plus points to consider. For one, the Balinese people are incredibly warm, helpful and welcoming and almost everybody speaks English. There is a fascinating Balinese culture to enjoy and breathtaking beauty everywhere you look. Bali is also large enough that you could take short trips to explore and discover what the other towns and villages have to offer.

Another great reason to retire in Bali is the affordable cost of living. Your money will go a long way here especially when it comes to renting beautiful homes and villas. A luxury 2, 3 and 4 bedroom villa is easily within reach from a few hundred dollars each month and these would include your own private pool and lush tropical garden.

Bali is also well developed. The island has modern supermarkets, grocery shops and convenient stores in every neighbourhood. Private hospitals offer world-class healthcare and if you’re into travelling, Bali International Airport is a major stopover for many major airlines, which means that you can easily board a plane for your next adventure!

So now that you’re ready to retire in Bali, let’s take a look at the most popular locations on the island to see which one would be perfect for you!




A small beachside town with a huge cosmopolitan vibe, Seminyak is popular with expats and tourists alike. It is filled with glamorous beach clubs, thrilling shopping and exquisite dining experiences.

You’ll find some of the world’s biggest names in culinary and fashion here alongside local designer brands, souvenir shops, art galleries, home décor, and beloved local warungs serving deliciously sumptuous and authentic food and drink.

The Seminyak sunset is nothing short of magical so be sure to head down to the beach at sundown, dig your toes in the sand and relax with some ice-cold cocktails and a Bintang Beer or two!


Retire in Bali Villa in Seminyak

Retire in Bali Kuta & Legian Villa

Kuta & Legian

Kuta and Legian is where it all began. In these crowded streets and narrow alleyways there is life, busy and bustling with history and personality. While many would shy away from the traffic, crowds and the noise, these towns still have an appeal to them that isn’t lost on many. Shops and restaurants line the streets and there is activity everywhere you look. Kuta Beach is a hub of action with locals and tourists relaxing on the sand and enjoying the view. Kuta’s sunset is definitely unforgettable. When night sets in, go ahead and explore its thriving nightlife!




Bali’s trendy and glamorous, boho-chic, surfers’ paradise seaside town offers a fascinating combo of laid-back island vibes with minimalist luxury that’s also fashionably quirky and unique. Mostly populated by the digital nomads, the young and the young at heart, Canggu is all about health and wellness and is filled with vegan cafes, healthy organic restaurants, yoga and wellness studios and the like. Of course there are beach clubs here too but they’re more casual and relaxed.



Retire in Bali Canggu Villa

Retire in Bali Uluwatu


Located in the most southern tip of Bali, Uluwatu is where you’ll find the most beautiful secret beaches and hidden coves. Although this may not be accessible to everyone, you can still enjoy the gorgeous views of the Indian Ocean from a cliff top, especially if you rent a villa that comes with unimpeded views! Uluwatu has everything you need for a comfortable stay, it is just a little further away from the main areas of Kuta and Denpasar, but a quick drive down in a car and you’ll be there in no time.



Sanur is a huge favourite with expats and retirees. It’s a quiet coastal town on the east coast of Bali. It is elegant, picturesque, serene and tranquil, perfect for those who prefer a peaceful and quiet neighbourhood. It is less crowded than Seminyak, Kuta and Canggu and it retains its unique identity through authentic Balinese-style buildings and designs. The beach stretches on for kilometres, the water is safe and calm and there is a boardwalk on the beach that is great for walking or cycling. When it comes to shopping and dining, there are many elegant cafes, bars, restaurants and shops to choose from!


Retire in Bali Sanur

Retire in Bali Ubud Villa


Ubud is lush and green, it gets even more beautiful and picturesque the further you get from central Ubud. There’s a wonderfully soothing and healing vibe to this town, a unique appeal that attracts yogis, healers, writers, painters and just anyone who loves nature and those who work with their hands and creativity. In the evenings you can ride around and explore lush rice fields and watch the ducks as they waddle and frolic in streams and ponds right before sundown.



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